Susan Siegel is an American designer whose portfolio includes textiles as well as jewelry. Susan has been inspired since her early days when her mother and grandmother, both avid collectors of antique jewelry, took her along during their treasure hunts. Fascinated by the dazzling color, shimmer, and sparkle of their treasures, Susan began collecting colored marbles as a child. To this day, she is excited by the thrill of the hunt!

Early in her career, Susan was design director for a large accessory company. Her design work has led her to explore the chic European styles of England, France, and Italy to the exotic artisanal roots of India. Susan has searched countless antique shops and markets, including the renowned marché aux puce in Paris and the antique offerings throughout England. These travels have contributed to her extensive knowledge of vintage and period antique jewelry.

Susan sees antique and vintage jewelry as wearable art that can add unique beauty to an outfit and let each wearer express their individuality. Masterpieces. Workmanship, technique, talent can't reproduce. Create her own style with rare treasures. jewelers of the past. Old bling is the best bling.